Searching Consciousness
By Jacob D. Haslem


Intent of the film:

This film exists as a first hand account and introduction to the powerful and transformational information waiting behind the definition of consciousness. This information can support individuals interested in pondering how to find happiness and help them to begin to define a life purpose for themselves. Watching this film can educate, inspire, and empower others to start living mindfully, and more inline with their life’s purpose because it offers a perspective that encourages people to trust themselves and information on how to do that. Only after an individual is informed of their unified connection to conscious reality, and then takes the time to ponder this idea and understand it, can they begin to believe in the information web of consciousness, and start to evolve into a higher purpose and ultimately start living their best life... but let the viewer be warned, the search for consciousness is an infinite game where you constantly adventure deeper into the unknown parts of the world, and yourself. All for the pure joy of evolving into a better version of yourself one day after the next.

Searching Consciousness
The film is being screened at private events. 
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